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Passionate About Helping You Along Your

Intimacy Journey

Clarissa “Serenity” Francis is a sex enthusiast offering sexual esteem coaching and conscious erotic touch who focuses on Black women’s sexualities and pleasure. Serenity is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, born to a Jamaican father and African-American mother. She developed a passion for studying and teaching others of Africana Diaspora on the importance of self-care. She has earned degrees in Africana Studies and Africana Women’s Studies. In 2010, she relocated to Atlanta, GA to attend the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University where her thesis research focused on Africana women’s sexual health and sexualities in the United States. She has collaborated with colleges, national and local organizations, and community groundbreakers to bring awareness and offer services to young people in the metro-Atlanta area.

After experiencing depression while completing her Master’s degree in 2014, Serenity began prioritizing self-care to move towards living her best life like it is golden (golden)! She began her personal campaign, Back 2 Serenity, by incorporating massages, yoga, and exercise into her regular routine. In 2015, Serenity became a licensed massage therapist and Level II Reiki practitioner. She collaborated with local business owners to offer therapeutic services to Black women to alleviate everyday stresses. After years of listening to Black women’s stories of unsatisfying sex and overwhelming stress, Serenity felt called to develop safe spaces for Black women to participate in unrestricted dialogue unpacking and celebrating women’s bodies and sexualities. Serenity is one of the creators of TPA (The Pussy Activists) Consultants, LLC, which is a movement to encourage women to demand pleasure in not only their sexual endeavors, but in their everyday life!

In April 2019, Serenity became a certified Tantra Bodyworker and Intimacy Coach after graduating from the Atlanta Institute of Tantra and Divine Sexuality. This certification process encouraged her to explore her own sexuality and healing journey. She believes one must first self-heal before assisting others in their healing journeys. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Sexuality at a California-based institution and lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Her services include energy and body work, one-on-one and group sexual esteem and intimacy coaching sessions, educational workshop and training, and event planning consulting with organizations and institutions. In her “free time,” Serenity enjoys traveling, collecting (to eventually read) books, practicing yoga, and spending quality time with her partners, sistahfriends, and family!


B.A. Africana Studies (minor in Psychology)

M.A. Africana Women's Studies

AASECT Certified Sexuallity Educator 

Conscious Erotic Touch Therapy

Health Peer Education

Massage Therapy

Reikii I and II